Flexi Timer

Flexi Timers™ come in many different sizes (portrait or landscape). These restaurant kitchen timers can accurately time any combination of products or procedures– up 24 different products per timer. These timers are tested to last in the food service environment.

Programming for Flexi Timers™ is easy and can be customized for almost any task that might need to be timed in the food service kitchen. Tasks including cooking times or HACCP / hygiene procedure reminders - the possibilities are endless.

Most common users for Flexi Timers:

  • Quick Serve Restaurants for Product Quality and Speed of Service

  • Larger Catering Facilities / Concert Hall / Sport Stadiums for Hot Holding Timers

  • Franchise / National Chains looking for a Cost Effective Food Service Equipment Timers

  • Grocery, Deli and Convenience Stores that serve Hot Grab 'n' Go Food Food Items

Flexi Timers™ are the most reliable, service tested, food equipment timers available.

Affordable holding timers that are easily cumstomizable

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